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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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has set. the cooler air is expected to move into eastern iowa over the next 24 hours. we also had video sent into us of one of the tornadoes in the parkersburg area. you can see it was coming directly at the guy shooting the image here. it is nearly touching the ground and if you look closely you can see the condensation funnel touching the ground. here's another round of tornadoes in the parkersburg area there was enough hail to cover the ground and snowplows were called in to get it off the highways in some locations. the worst is over now and cooler weather is in the future. that is something will talk more about in the forecast coming up. a viewer, pam jones, was able to capture this photo. we want to thank user -- viewers for these pictures. you can download the cbs 2 news
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. alliance is announcing plans for a mega industrial park that will be a game changer for the court or economy. the big cedar industrial center will be located near the airport.>> reporter: scott, this will be the largest industrial park anywhere in iowa and actually the -- one of the largest in the midwest. take a look. right now it is cornfield an distance from hi and interstate - 380.there is a rail line right next to it - - and easy access to the airport just one mile also brings opportunity to attract the kinds of mega - industries the corridor could never accommodate before. " it really puts us in a competitive position as companies are looking to maybe expand their footprint around the united states or it could
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ted for cedar rapids and the region is a growing vibrant tax base. " people may wonder - why alliant energy is leading the charge on this industrial park and whether it could have any impact on our utility bills at home.the answer is yes - - we'll explain that tonight at ten. matt hammill cbs2 news at six. the linn county board of supervisors announced this for now, covering the corridor or and cedar rapids, i am matt hamill, cbs 2 news at 6:00. they will spend $7.2 billion to buy the land. kevin barry explains the role that all the land will play.>> reporter: this is conservation and preservation of the wildlife here.
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county park. this is highway 100 and cedar rapids is over here. the park is here and gardner golf course which is run by the city is here. the acres that they bought our to the south. there are parcels that are here that are already homes that have been developed. then there is some down here too. the key is that it waterway system and around here as well. it also is there to preserve wildlife and some of the area that is right around squaw creek . brett olson says the upper -- by preserving around now, it will make sure that after it is developed, it will still be kept his county parkland. it had to be done in secret leading up to today so that the county's interested not drag
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this will be funded by local option sales tax dollars and bonding. none of the $40 billion bond that passed on election day will be used to buy this land.>> it will be a county park within the city. so, you have to think 20-30 years out. if i want my kids to live here, what do i want it to look like?>> reporter: any part that is bought and not used for conservation or kept as a county park will eventually, in about developers so they can get some of the money back from the purchase. the idea is that this land will only be available once and they were afraid that other people would buy it without the conservation focus in mind and that there would be damage to this area. the county owns it now to the
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the former substitute teacher accused of exploiting students is now before a judge. abdul razak ali artan two went to trial today charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee. her charges were upgraded to a felony after she appeared on tv shows like doctor phil. today it was brought back down with the victim and haglin's interview with police. a verdict is expected within a month. last spring, governor terry branstad signed a bill life-saving drug to help opioid overdose 2 news reporter steffi lee shows us - this is drawing a bigger helping opioid overdose victims. steffi lee shows us this is drawing a bigger picture on how iowans handle the opioid epidemic. >> the current use has drastically increased with the amount of heroin overdoses and we have had.
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with the fire department said that they have had 174 calls to help opioid overdose victims.>> the person is clinically dead when you arrive with no breeding or paul's and we give this medication and it reverses those effects and it brings that person back.>> we have seen emergency room visits related to opioid use increased to two -- increased 230%. >> reporter: as of yesterday, family members can administer the drug if somebody is at risk. with the drug patent -- drug take back problem, it is part of the battle against the growing opioid epidemic.>> we are providing access and making sure that families know about treatment options. >> reporter: the police sergeant says they are department is thankful for the hard work that the deploying
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every opioid call. right now the police are currently exploring the option to carry the drug.>> whatever we need to do to create a storage facility for the narcan and to get our officers trained.>> reporter: with out the drug, the focus of this conversation circles back to prevention. >> we reach out to the youth because that is our future.>> reporter: there is this brochure outlining the sever give the drug depending on what you have. steffi lee reporting. there is hope that lawmakers will expand the cannabis oil law. there is a proposal to allow the distribution and production of cannabis oil in iowa which is currently illegal. they passed a law and a bill to allow residents to use it to treat epilepsy.
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gift will fund a new neuroscience program at the university of iowa. the gift will allow the creation of the neuroscience institute. it will look for the causes of diseases that impact the brain and nervous system. one local organization is asking for your help. how you can give families in need the holiday of their dreams. >> reporter: between black saturday and cyber monday, that's a lot of shopping. it is hope that you find it in your heart to do a little bit more -- hoped that you find it in your heart to do a little more. you may have shopped on small business saturday and shop for deals on cyber monday. the shopping doesn't start when the savings do. for chris ackman, needed --
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are in a hard place during the holidays. there are still families that need to be adopted in the cedar rapids area. >> reporter: adopting a family has become a holiday tradition. local families provide -- apply for help.>> we put that into a database and we matched donors with the families who have applied. >> reporter: there are between 500-600 families in need. so far only >> sometimes a lot of donors think, is this in my budget for the holiday season? if you go online, there is a question about how many adopting a his experience - the outcome is worth a little income."just the fact that you're kind of making that effort and adopting them and providing them with something for the holiday season - it's a really big, you know, it's a really
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as i mentioned, there are currently 162 donors. to find out how you can become number 163, visit our website, connor morgan, cbs 2 news. still to come at sixa hawkeye senior will get his chance to impress n-f-l scouts - that's later on in
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - we've been through black
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tomorrow what you can do to help others this holiday season. that's right here on cbs 2 at 5 a-m. it is not very often that we hear our weather first meteorologist, terry swails , talk about snow and tornadoes in the same forecast. >> isn't that seriously. tornadoes touched down in iowa and it was one of the busiest days of the year. it fascinates me how the weather can be so variable around the state of iowa. there is plenty to talk about tonight. i want to show you a picture of one of the tornadoes from stout today. this was sent by pam jones. this is in the far northern sections of grundy county, not
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the tornadoes in the region today. notice that the leaves are off the trees and there is no green ground. that is what you would usually see with weather like this. the second tornado season and iowa occurs in the late months of october and november as colder air returns to the midwest. now, these storms produced quite a bit of hail northwest. this picture was taken near parkersburg and you can see the hail covering the ground. we do know that snowplows were called out to clear the roads in parts of butler county earlier this afternoon. some pretty amazing pictures to say the least. this is when the line was pretty active. you can see the reds and oranges and that's when we had the severe storms going on. as we move to the east and the sun has set, there was instability. you can see here is iowa city
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city, there are thunderstorms. here is another cell to the west of cedar rapids not too far from center point. the rain is not as heavy as it was early on. finally getting up to independence and east of oelwein, there are more showers. this finding notes a cold front moving through eastern iowa. once that passes by, the rain will end. then after that the rains which is to the west and we will see colder air move back into eastern iowa. tomorrow morning, the commute in the corridor looks like it will be drive. this guys should clear out by then and the temperature should be around 35-37 degrees with wind out of the southwest at 10- 20 miles per hour. they will be spreading in this area which is in northeastern south dakota. today the wind was aloft coming out of the the west/southwest
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moving in another direction of the created the share to produce the thunderstorms. as that goes by, you can see the air is colder in northwestern iowa. light snow falling out that way. by the time we get to the wednesday or thursday, there could be scattered showers as temperatures turn colder. the predictor shows how most of the rain at 7:00 is leaving the eastern counties and then we geto expect the skies to clear a little bit. temperatures remain mild and then tomorrow morning the temperatures fall as the wind turns more westerly. we will have clouds returning to the northern and western counties and then it will turn cloudy once again as the colder air gets reestablished in eastern iowa. minutes after that we could have a few
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temperatures will be in the range of 33-34. 36 in manchester and dubuque and 35 in waterloo. most of the showers have ended and they are scattered in the northeast. then in the southern counties, temperature should range from 35-39 degrees. 36 in cedar rapids and 38 in iowa city. scattered showers ending in the eastern counties over the next couple of hours. tomorrow in the north, we will have sunshine to start. then the clouds returned skies and it looks like temperature should be around 45- 48 degrees in the north as the wind turns out of the the west at 10-20. temperatures make it close to 50 degrees from sigourney over to washington. 45 in washington and 48 in cedar rapids. we will have sunshine around for much of the day and then tomorrow night the clouds returned to the area and bring colder air. by wednesday we could have rain showers around with maybe flurries a possibility on
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the mid-30s. you can see the cold air locked in pretty good coming into the weekend. temperatures will stay in the 30s. the cyclones are a better team after thanksgiving weekend. that is next on cbs 2 sports. in washington, i'm jonathan elias. (??turn??)a u-s service member was killed by an improvised explosive device in syria on thanksgiving(??take vo??)the death marks the first time a u-s service member has from the terrorism alert desk in washington, dc, i am jonathan elias. a servicemember killed by an ied on thanksgiving. this is the first time that u.s. servicemember has been killed in syria since special forces members were deployed there. this occurred 30 miles north of the isis self-declared capital of rock up. the opera -- racca.
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taking back mosul from isis. all are on the eastern side of the tigris river. troops are hoping to push across into the heart of the city this weekend. forces say they have killed 1000 isis fighters in recapturing mosul. police in the philippines have detonated an ied found by terrorism alert desk in
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iowa state played well against gonzaga on sunday - it just wasn't enough to leave florida with a win - still - the iowa state played well against gonzaga and it wasn't enough to leave florida with the wind. -- win. still they did more over the weekend to win national number-19 - and they're one of four ranked big twelve teams - cyclone coach steve prohm likes how his team is playing as they head into december... i think we learned a lot about our team in florida - we had opportunities down the stretch obviously against a really good gonzaga team - and that's an area we've just got to grow in - but really focus on cincinnati and do what we got to do to get our team better - but it's a great opportunity jeremy morgan's been a stud for u-n-i this season - averaging over 16 points per game - and he labored in saturday's loss to xavier - scoring 14 second-half points - which still led the team in
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cast needs to provide a little more offensive juice - and ben jacobson says - that's a work in progress right now... i think their struggles were most to do with xavier doing a good job on them - and taking them out of some things - i think that's part of the process for us learning about our team right now - and what's gonna be best for us to do offensively - sometimes we're gonna look pretty sharp and sometimes we're not the iowa women lost to the nation's tenth-ranked team on offensively. sometimes we will look sharp and sometimes not.>> reporter: the iowa women to -- lost to - so far this season - the irish have outscored their opponents by over 30 points a game - but iowa's young and talented - and they have nothing to lose... opponents by over 30 parts per game. iowa is talented and they have nothing to lose.>> you are starting to freshman, two
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that's a pretty young team and we are throwing the gauntlet in right off the bat. >> you can tell our team is excited takedown number one on will have the chance to impress n-f-l personnel in january - it was announced today that king will play in the senior bowl - the defensive back has ten interceptions over the past two seasons... that's it for sportswe will be right back.
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here is a final look at the
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back from oelwein to cedar rapids is mostly showers. then toward liberty, this will move through. that's a cold front and then tomorrow the rain is out of here and it will turn colder.
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tonight, florence henderson. >> all of my heart. >> new details about tte death of a hollywood legend, as the brady kids mourn their tv mother. the exclusive new intervugs with her tchb children. >> she w time. >> thanksgiving with her backup dancer? and what we just learned about the break-up negotiations, getting even nastier? >> honey, we deserve so much more than that. "e.t." with victoria secret models. maybe it's not as good as it sounds.


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